Exploration Program Management

Queensland, Australia

CSG Exploration & Production Services provided the following services to QER’s Exploration and Drilling Program:

Project Management Consultancy: 

  • Preparation of the Galilee Basin Exploration Program;
  • Management of the Galilee Basin Exploration Program;
  • Tender preparation, assessment and recommendations);
  • Management of Services (Gas Desorption, Wireline Logging, DST, Coal Quality Test, Cementing, Mud Logging, Site Preparation);
  • Budget preparation for exploration program and wells;
  • Drilling Program for 11 Core wells;
  • Drilling Program for 2 pilot test wells;
  • Drilling Proposals;
  • Analysis of well data;
  • Well Completion Reports;
  • Technical Analysis of Gas Desorption, Composition, Coal Analysis, DST and Wireline Logs;
  • Asset Valuation for 5 Tenements in the Galilee Basin;
  • Analysis of Coal Reservoir Data (Adsorption, Water, Fracture, Petrophysic);
  • General CBM Prospectivity Analysis of the Galilee Basin;
  • Water Management Plan including cost estimates for CBM production;

Technical Evaluation of the shale gas in the Galilee Basin.

Project info

Project LocationQueensland, Australia                          Name Of ClientQueensland Energy Resources (QER) Project Start Date2011
Project Duration 2 YearsJuly 2009